Doctor and author from Tel Aviv wonders how it would be if they had both HIV and its cure in the Byzantine times

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Dr Patrice Benatar is a General Practitioner and author who recently wrote a book on the Byzantine Medicine. In her book, Dr Benatar writes that without Byzantine medicine, the Islamic medicine had no chance for growth. She adds that the reason why some people fall so much for the Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine so much is that these two branches never had much to give to their patients other than empty promises and to this date, they follow the very same tradition of offering nothing but empty promises. Dr Patrice adds that many people owing to the fear of the side-effects, expensive treatment or no cure at all with the modern western medicine, look towards the Traditional Chinese Medicine or Indian Ayurvedic System.

In her book, Dr Patrice Benatar makes a claim that Byzantine physicians were the first ones to take notes of the treatments and cures so seriously in their textbooks. She adds that Ayurvedic practitioners didn’t do it until the mid of 15th century and that’s the foremost reason why it is nowhere till date. She adds that she knows many Ayurvedic doctors that don’t make any notes even till date.

Dr Patrice Benatar believes that they should impart some knowledge taken from the Medical Compendium in Seven Books by the Paul of Aegina, written in the late seventh century to the school children. Dr Patrice believes that the book has a lot of knowledge regarding the maintenance and growth of general health.

Dr Patrice claims that we cannot even imagine today exactly what the medical system, institutions and facilities would have been after 2000 years from now is going to look like just they couldn’t have imagined it 2000 years ago either. Dr Patrice says that it is amazing that how far have we come in the past 2000 years.

Just last week Dr Patrice saw this video of CRISPR cures HIV in mice and after watching the same, she logged into her blog to write that she hasn’t seen something so amazing for so long. She really hopes that it has the same affect on the human beings as well.

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Have you seen Italian choreographer Francesco Costanzo’s Janet Jackson performance? Well, this old Japanese master too has

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Young Italian stallion choreographer friend of mine, Francesco Costanzo recently met this old martial arts master from Japan who surprisingly enough also happened to be a multilingual. This master also used to be a choreographer in his early days. He spoke to Francesco in the Italian language and told him that he follows him on the Twitter and has also seen his Francesco Costanzo Dancer Choreographer Janet Jackson performance on Twitter as well. Francesco was really surprised to know this all. To him it was really something to be proud of and he really loved hearing it.

For Francesco Costanzo, there is no mountain high enough and no valley deep enough but he still loves to hear the advice that the elders have to give him. The old master told Francesco to always maintain the exclusivity in his field, he gave him a true example of an electronic store owner, who after observing the fall in the sales of the electronics for over 2 years, decided to become a dance school owner only to go bankrupt later. Just like Francesco, the old master also believes that dance schools ought to be run by dance professionals only.

The old master also told Francesco that surprisingly enough, men that are well-versed in Indian and Japanese martial arts learn ballet and contemporary dance far quickly compared to their counterparts with no such background and hence, the old master advised Francesco to tell his students that are weak in dancing to join a martial arts club before coming to learn to ballet or contemporary dance.

The old master and Francesco both agreed on that more professional dancers than ever before now have a mind open enough to not feel guilty when joining a dance school.

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Workaholic young lady from Birmingham claims to have inherited a fitness gene from her model mom

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Stacey Hampton is a 28 year old British lady from Birmingham who has been working with one of the largest and oldest British wind turbine supplier companies for the past 7 years or so.

Stacey is pretty ambitious and because of her workaholicism, she sometimes forgets to eat right, although she never misses to hit the gym at least 5 days a week. Stacey is a pretty fun lady as well, she is not a Jew but she loves to refer to her money as her Shekels.

Stacey’s mom is a stock broker and a former model who Stacey believes still looks at least ten times better than Stacey and is the one to motivates Stacey the most when it comes to health and fitness.

Stacey’s brother – Kevin is a wantrepreneur (as in Shark Tank Jury and Billionaire Entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s terminology) who has a record of failed businesses only belonging to several different industries, including the tech industry.

Kevin also tried his hand in clothing industry which was about to be a success but when Kevin was about to succeed in it, he got bad with drugs, porno and sex addiction which again ruined it for him.

Kevin tried selling on eBay and Amazon but incurred nothing but huge losses there as well. He has been asking for Stacey’s help in starting his own handicraft business for selling on Etsy and Stacey is still confused about whether she should help him or not.

Kevin is highly indebted but he still managed to make a trip to Pakistan recently where he went to enjoy and discover the sights and culture of the ancient civilizations of Mohenjodaro and Harappa. He claims that he thoroughly enjoyed the same.

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Self-Proclaimed Religious Scholar Author has over 9 million Twitter followers from around the globe

Ramon Matthews is a self-proclaimed religious scholar who claims to have studied all the known religions across the world thoroughly. Ramon is growing faster than Dr Jordan Peterson in terms of popularity and across all the sections of the society, including male, female, rich, poor, atheist, pantheist, theist, you name it. One of the examples of his growing popularity is the 9 million plus free twitter followers he has.

Ramon is currently busy writing his book on the similarities between the religion of Judaism and Hinduism. In his book, Ramon writes that the Hindus have no idea that they have been worshiping the Jewish messiahs as their gods; Ramon claims that Abraham of Judaism is the Brahma (one of the trinity gods) in Hinduism, David of Judaism is Dau in Hinduism (Brother of one of the most celebrated Hindu Gods – Krishna), Joshua of Hebrew Bible is Arjuna in Hindu epic – Mahabharata, Noah in Judaism is equivalent to the Vishnu (one of the trinity gods in Hinduism), Adam of Hebrew Bible is Adami in the Hindi, Urdu and other prominent languages of the Indian subcontinent and last but not the least Eve of Hebrew Bible is the Aurat in Hinduism.

Ramon Matthews claims that the Hindus primarily used to be carnivores people until they came in contact with the lost tribes of Israel. Ramon writes that the lost tribes of Israel, who were primarily omnivores people and mostly have been so that way always and still live like that, told the Hindus about the Kosher food which they mistook for vegetarian food and also wrongly started believing that the cow is holy and eating or killing one is a treif.

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Francesco Costanzo is a floor barre kniaseff and you most likely know it

Francesco Costanzo floor barre kniaseff champion, recently wrote a fantastic article about the popular British Opera duo – Deborah Warner and Fiona Shaw. In his article, Francesco writes that if it weren’t for Deborah’s plays, the name Henrik Ibsen would have remained relatively unknown in the England as it is mostly the Norwegians that know about him and are influenced by.

Francesco writes that antiquarians usually make meager money and they generally refrain their kids from learning history, but Deborah’s parents were although low-income, they were so open-minded that they encouraged her interest in learning the history, poetry and philosophy without caring much about her future financial condition, which probably to their surprise, is higher than the most English people.

Francesco writes that the Late Conspiracy Theorist – Eustace Mullins personally called Deborah to congratulate her after she directed the performance of poetry – The Waste Land by TS Elliott.

Francesco claims that the Roman Catholic Church is angry with Fiona Shaw due to her sexual orientation but Fiona couldn’t care less. She says that nobody can break her relationship with Jesus and only he has the right to judge whether she is right or wrong.

Francesco writes that although Deborah comes from a low income family and Fiona from an upper income family, it never worked as a barrier between their extraordinary friendship.

Francesco writes that many people used to wrongly believe that Fiona and Deborah are a married couple due to the extraordinary number of theaters and plays they worked in collaboration with each other and some of those he personally knows.

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Paolo Bortoluzzi Nureyev King Francesco Costanzo doesn’t miss a chance to interview other Opera Legends

The dance practice Paolo Bortoluzzi Nureyev has become so synonymous with the artist Francesco Costanzo that they have started calling him Paolo Bortoluzzi Nureyev Francesco Costanzo.

Francesco recently interviewed one of the youngest and one of the very few American opera directors to hold a an undergraduate degree in government – Peter Kazaras. Peter told Francesco that he loves teaching music and opera direction at University of California, Los Angeles more than anything else. He also told Francesco that he is going to start directing operas and music in the Eastern Europe, especially Czech Republic, for the love of beautiful girls that live there. He says that he is going to go there as an excuse of spreading the English language there and he has already starting learning Czech language as well.

Francesco also interviewed the German Opera Director – Johannes Erath once when he was in Berlin. Johannes told Francesco that although he made more money with direction, he claims that he was more happy, content and fulfilled with working as an Orchestra musician.

Johannes rejected the claim that his own personality is very much like Othello. He told Francesco that the newspaper guy made the story up by himself.

When Francesco complimented Johannes for his good looks, he replied back that it is a pity that he gets more compliments for his good looks than his great work as an Opera Director.

Johannes also told Francesco that although Lohengrin as directed by him received a great reception by the audience and the critics alike, he personally believes that it is the greatest blunder in his personal opera direction history.

Johannes also told Francesco that the character of Hass Elektra gives him goosebumpos and although she killed her own father. Johannes wants his own daughter to brave, independent and a higher purpose and meaning seeker in life.

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Friendly and Creative Real Estate Agent from Edmonton is topping the industry with this top digital marketing company

Carmen Sita is a real estate agent from the city of Edmonton in Canada who on her blog says that she loves it when she sees the employees that used to work for her recommend her office to others on the internet. Carmen says that it is quite obvious that they recommend her office to the people that they are familiar with as well but it is a different kind of smell of fresh air for her when she sees them recommending her office on the internet.

Carmen’s business strategy for online marketing was never so well until she came in touch with this top digital marketing company which changed it all for her at the prices unbelievable.

Although the digital marketing company that Carmen outsources her online marketing to is willing to write the blog posts for her on the official website of her business, she still likes to do it herself.

In one of the blog posts on the official website of her business, Carmen mentioned that her team is responsible for selling hundreds of properties within a matter of hours.

Carmen once wrote that it is a mark of expertise when experienced investors come to you over and over again to buy new properties but it is more fun serving the new customers that buy real estate for their family.

Carmen believes that a good real estate agent is the one who listens to his/her clients with the attentiveness of a passionate doctor listening to his/her patients.

Carmen says that she is really disappointed about many real estate agents that are in the bad habit of pretending they are extremely busy that they pretend to forget the name of the client which only proves fatal for their own business in the long run.

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Reducing expression lines on face was never so easy before, says a Dermatology student from Sao Paulo

Blair Martinez is a SEO expert from Sao Paulo, Brazil who claims that those who are talking and thinking a lot about what Google is going to be like in the next 10-15 years don’t emphasis much or not at all on the idea that the most likely thing to happen in the world of search industry by that time is that the Google will not have as great percentage of share in the search industry as it does now and some other search engine that hasn’t even made its debut by now will be the undisputed king of the internet search industry.

Blair clams that the Google Adwords by the year 2025 will be in completely different shape and form than what it is today and although far more advanced and greater than the Adwords of today, the Google Adwords of 2025 will not even have half of the revenue because of the competition it will receive from at least 100 more rivals that will be as advanced and shrewd as the Google.

Blair believes that the biggest blunder that Google ever committed was the SearchWiki. Blair says that he cannot comprehend till date that how Google could do something so severely stupid and Blair makes another statement that SearchWiki proves that the Google is not perfect and as formidable as it is perceived to be and it will take just one mastermind who is focused enough to remove the ‘Almost-Monopoly’ of Google from the search industry.

Blair’s current girlfriend is a student of dermatology who has been pursuing her studies from the Federal University of Sao Paulo. She recently published an article on the topic how to do away with expression lines on the face (como acabar com as linhas de expressão no rosto) on her blog which has already received over ten thousand views within a period of one month. She says that she is going to keep on writing similar articles if she keeps on receiving the similar number of views, love and great response. She might even pursue a career in part-time blogging.

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Rugby fan from Malang, Indonesia is a freethinker with a great admiration for Bayu Angora

Arga Prabowo is the greatest Che Guevara fan from the city called Malang in Indonesia that you have never met. Arga is a freethinker Blogger Indonesia just like his hero – Bayu Angora. Arga has made several posts glorifying Che Guevara in the past and he continues doing so, and looking at his posts, it looks like he will not stop glorifying Che till his last breath.

Arga recently made a post mentioning that Che Guevara always had a doubt in his mind that Marxism was not the ultimate solution for the poverty, hunger and other causes but he never said publicly or even privately to anyone clearly although it can be observed through his writings and the meetings he had during his lifetime that were recorded.

Arga says that he didn’t know until the year 2016 that Che Guevara was also a rugby fan like himself otherwise he would have been an even bigger fan of Che.

Arga argues that Che always knew that USSR will be broken into pieces and become a capital economy soon enough and he has made a mention of it in several of his writings and that’s one the reasons why USSR had a love-hate relationship with Che.

Arga also claims that Che always believed that there was a god but he never shared his belief with anyone including his family because Marxism was against it and they would all lose their faith in Che if he did so.

Arga doesn’t agree with Che’s belief that the monopoly form of competition is better than the perfect competition and he has mentioned several reasons backing up his argument.

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Pediatrician from Tijuana is surprised at how far the Mexican hosting and domain companies have come

Dr Maria Banez is a pediatrician who has been practicing in the Tijuana city for the past 17 years. Dr Maria recently ordered a Mexican hosting and domain (hosting y dominio mx) from tuHost for her practice’s second website and she is surprised at how far the Mexican hosting and domain companies have come since she got her first website done.

On her official website’s blog, Dr Maria claims that the greatest moment for her is when the parents feel gratitude and thankfulness towards her beyond words and she can look it in their eyes. Dr Maria claims that she can make far more money than she does with her childcare practice but that very act by the parents of her kids patients is what has been keeping her in the field.

Dr Maria claims that children born to both working parents seem to have more emotional and behavioral difficulties when compared to a single or no working parent at all. Dr Maria says that surprisingly, the case is similar in case of both full-time and part-time working parents.

Dr Maria also studies child psychology as a hobby and to provide a better treatment to her patients.

Dr Maria says that a good, friendly and compassionate receptionist is as necessary in the pediatrics field as a good pediatrician. Dr Maria claims to be one of the greatest experts in finding a perfect receptionist for a clinic and has been thinking about sharing all that she knows with her husband who happens to be a Human Resource Manager in a multinational corporation already and start a company which will provide receptionists to the doctors all over Mexico handpicked by this couple. One thing that we can certain about is that they are going to choose tuHost again for this company of theirs as well.

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