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Chana Genovese hates politics and politicians but she is really fascinated by Kathleen Wynne of Ontario

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Chana Genovese (name changed) is an English woman who told me that she met Kathleen Wynne, the ex-leader of the Ontario Liberal Party last time when she was in Ontario. Chana says that Kathleen is one of the smartest and most charismatic women that she ever met. Chana says that you would never know by Kathleen’s down-to-earthiness that she is one of the most powerful women in the entire country, Chana says that she definitely has that rich look but she tries her best to look ordinary and not stand out. Chana even went on to extent to call Kathleen ‘the most comprehensive woman of all times’.

Many of Chana’s relatives have been living in different cities and provinces of Canada, one of her brother for example lives in Riverdale, Toronto.

Chana is an author and a blogger as well and she received a lot of hate by many and a lot of love from some when she once wrote a blog post proving that socialists are degenerates and much more likely to be drug and sex addicts. Chana gave several proofs to back his claim up, for example one of the things that she put her emphasis on was that the socialists lose all their creativity and human beings are creative beings by nature. Chana wrote that when the human beings find that their creative prowess has become useless, they are bound to indulge in activities like alcohol, drugs and sex otherwise they will become dangerously violent.

Chana being a British is currently doing a thorough research on why and how some immigrants make it so big in the United Kingdom while the ones with the Irish, Scottish and English origin barely ever make it.

One of Chana’s best friends is a popular Youtuber who is becoming ever-popular for the wit, you can see it here.

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Daughter of an ex-CIA agent is busy creating android apps and writing books

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Lina Sousa’s mother is a retired CIA agent who served in the republic of Kosovo for 6 years and in Pakistan for 7 years. Before Mrs Sousa served in Kosovo and Pakistan, she served for 23 years in the USA.

Lina Sousa recently wrote a book which is more like a compilation of tales told to her by her beloved mother. In her book, Lina has written that the infamous Pakistani minister who is also a world record holder of being 9 times minister – Sheikh Rasheed is an American agent. Currently, Sheikh Rasheed is the Minister of Pakistani Railways and Lina has called Sheikh Rasheed’s political party – “American Muslim League” instead of the Awami Muslim League in her book.

Lina also has written in her book that the current Pakistani Prime Minister – Imran Khan aka IK aka Kaptaan is an illuminati agent. Lina has written about how Imran Khan’s bidding of the previous Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s cars was a tactic to showcase Pakistan as the poorest country on the face of the earth.

Lina has also written about a Pakistani Federal Minister who got killed in the late 1990s on the day he felt severely sick. Lina says that they were already planning to kill him and looking for the perfect time for the same which they finally found.

Lina has also written a lot about the Eurasian countries and the countries that fall under the Eurasian steppe. Lina has claimed that all the Eurasian ministers are stooges and spies for the Judeo-Protestant alliance also known as the Europe and US alliance.

Lina is also working on getting a book related android app done after the success of her global chatroom android application which she got created by the same Indonesian android app application creation services (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android).

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