Mr Klayman is busy building a car more durable than the most durable car ever while Ms Klayman is busy inviting her friends for the Super Bowl 2019

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Cristina Klayman (name changed) claims that nation states are doomed to fail as this madness of worshiping the boundaries is not going to last for too long.

Cristina’s now husband used to be her neighbor before becoming her husband. Initially when Cristina met her now husband as a neighbor, she used to believe that he was some Chinese restaurant owner as he looked very oriental and also drove a Toyota Previa like most other Chinese restaurant owners in the town.

Currently, Cristina’s husband is working on building the most durable car body ever. Cristina claims that he will make the Mercedes W class look like chachki in front of his upcoming car.

Cristina is an amateur historian who is particularly obsessed with the biblical mythology and Jewish history. Cristina claims that the lifespans of the Jewish patriarchs are highly exaggerated about. She claims that the ancient Jews believed that one season is equivalent to one year and hence if they say that someone died when he was 920, this in reality means that you need to divide 920 by 4 and that would mean he was 230 when he died.

Cristina has been telling her husband to make sure that the car that he is working on must not have toggle buttons as she feels that they look outdated and leave alone futuristic, they don’t even make you feel modern. Cristina says that any car which doesn’t look futuristic has no future and doesn’t appeal to her at all. Her favorite car design is that of the Mitsubishi Xpander.

Cristina has read and studied a lot about the so-called non-violent freedom struggle of India. Cristina says that there is a misconception among the masses of India that Gandhi used to look down upon the likes of Bhagat Singh as terrorists but in reality he though of those guys as some of the most intelligent people in the country but he feared that the upcoming generation will misunderstand Bhagat Singh and his likes; and without understanding their ideologies and philosophies – they will pick up the arms.

Anyways, Cristina is too much excited about the upcoming Super Bowl 2019 and she has also invited her friends for the event.

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Chana Genovese hates politics and politicians but she is really fascinated by Kathleen Wynne of Ontario

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Chana Genovese (name changed) is an English woman who told me that she met Kathleen Wynne, the ex-leader of the Ontario Liberal Party last time when she was in Ontario. Chana says that Kathleen is one of the smartest and most charismatic women that she ever met. Chana says that you would never know by Kathleen’s down-to-earthiness that she is one of the most powerful women in the entire country, Chana says that she definitely has that rich look but she tries her best to look ordinary and not stand out. Chana even went on to extent to call Kathleen ‘the most comprehensive woman of all times’.

Many of Chana’s relatives have been living in different cities and provinces of Canada, one of her brother for example lives in Riverdale, Toronto.

Chana is an author and a blogger as well and she received a lot of hate by many and a lot of love from some when she once wrote a blog post proving that socialists are degenerates and much more likely to be drug and sex addicts. Chana gave several proofs to back his claim up, for example one of the things that she put her emphasis on was that the socialists lose all their creativity and human beings are creative beings by nature. Chana wrote that when the human beings find that their creative prowess has become useless, they are bound to indulge in activities like alcohol, drugs and sex otherwise they will become dangerously violent.

Chana being a British is currently doing a thorough research on why and how some immigrants make it so big in the United Kingdom while the ones with the Irish, Scottish and English origin barely ever make it.

One of Chana’s best friends is a popular Youtuber who is becoming ever-popular for the wit, you can see it here.

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Meet Aubrey Yabsley, a British-Taiwanese who has been using her Gogoro scooter as a taxi

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Aubrey Yabsley (name changed) says that law must regularize the junk food more including cookies and stuff. Aubrey says that junk food is harming the children and young teenagers more than anything else in the modern world. Aubrey knows some people who got addicted to the junk food in the childhood and they haven’t been able to come out of their addiction yet and junk food has made many of them diabetic, fat and given them other chronic diseases.

Aubrey used to believe and practice occult practices for over 2 years and finally she came to the conclusion that occult practices don’t work at all and they only make you ugly. Aubrey claims that she now looks 20 years older than she did before 2 years and all the other occult practitioners that she has ever met look ugly and horrible as well.

Aubrey says that Libertarians have no moral principles and overall they live at least 10 times as miserable life than the ones who are not. Aubrey also claims that the sympathetic people care more about the law and are less likely to take drugs than the ones who are rather apathetic.

Aubrey used to sell gowns house to house before she discovered how she can make money with buying and using a superfast 2 wheeler aka Gogoro S2 as a taxi. Aubrey has been making more money with pursuing her favorite hobby, that is riding a scooter than she ever did selling gowns house to house which she literally hated.

Aubrey’s friend has been seducing Aubrey again to get into magic and occult by telling her that magnetic people are literally able to talk to the spirits and those spirits guide them which way they should go in order to become rich, wealthy and more lucky.

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Catholic doctors are younger at heart and are more energetic than the rest – Armando Hastings, a Lyft cab driver

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Armando Hastings (name changed) says that the Catholic doctors are more attentive and energetic due to their practice of chastity. Armando claims to have met doctors and surgeons from different backgrounds and turns out that the Catholics are the best of them all, Armando says that the protestant doctors look older than they really are because most of them are sex addicts consciously or unconsciously. Armando says that atheist doctors are mostly drug addicts while the apatheist doctors are way more talkative than they really should be.

Armando says that almost all the governments of the world have failed to maintain a justice. Armando says that the people in the third world countries think that the ones in the first world are being served great justice and everything that a modern human being ought to have by the government.

Armando says that most of the passengers in his Lyft cab are women and according to his personal observation, beautiful women are less likely to cheat on their spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend than the ones who are average looking or ugly. Armando says that ugly or average looking women cheat in order to feel good.

Armando married an Indian-American woman from Groton, Connecticut 11 years ago and they have been living happily ever since. Armando has visited his in-law’s house in India many times and along with his in-law’s house, he has visited several other different places in India including Sabarmati Ashram. Armando says that Mahatma Gandhi’s spirit can still be felt at the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad.

Armando’s wife was the one who told Armando about the Lyft driver bonus 2019 and instead of being upset or angry at the fact that her husband is a taxi driver, Armando’s wife is proud of the fact that he is one.

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Gilles Atherton turned from Ed Sheeran to Sylvester Stallone with celibacy and sarms

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Gilles Atherton (name changed) is a very outspoken bodybuilder who recently received a lot of attention when he spoke in public that Muslims must check their population or the non-Islamic countries will have no other choice than to nuke them.

Gilles once even went on to speak that the Journalists must learnt to respect the Abrahamic religions other than Islam. Gilles says that the liberals are way too liberal with the Muslims and Islam and they are way too strict with the non-Muslims and among the non-Muslims – the Catholics are their biggest target.

Gilles disagrees with 90% of the things that are mentioned in the Quran but most of them all, he disagrees with it when the Quran says that every soul  must taste death. Gilles says that souls never die and to experience this fact one must practice chastity. Gilles doesn’t Islam for the reason that it doesn’t preach the virtue of chastity at all. Gilles says that chastity is a sin a que non for experiencing higher consciousness and it can even be said to be the only virtue that a human being needs for spirituality, the rest he/she will learn on its own. Gilles says that Muhammad himself couldn’t resist the sexual desires in his life and hence it was not possible for him to experience the immortality of the soul.

Gilles has turned from an Ed Sheeran type to a Sylvester Stallone within 2 years with the help of the virtue of chastity/celibacy and sarms for sale.

Gilles very much agrees with Michael Hart’s top 100 but he says that they are in the wrong order. Gilles says that the Muhammad must be put in the last and Jesus Christ on the first and Isaac Newton on second.

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Don’t waste your time with religions like Satchitrich but rather enjoy vacations in scenic Thailand

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Liron Gagne (name changed) is busy creating a religion which he claims will be the most popular, iconic and richest religions of all times. Liron says that in his 35 years of life, he has practiced each and every religion for a while including the extinct ones and no religion can ever beat his upcoming religion, which he is planning to name “Satchitrich” meaning truth, kindness, clarity and wealth. The name really sounded very Sanskrit to me and I did my best to find out the meaning of this word which I really could eventually find out and I confirmed the meaning with Liron of the same and Liron told me that I got the right meaning of the name. I asked him “Wouldn’t the religion be more Hinduism like if the name sounds so Hindu?” He replied “The religion is 50% influenced by the Hinduism and its offshoots like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, 15% by Jesus and his 12 apostles while the rest 35% is Liron’s own personal observations, scientific unchanging needs, wants, desires.”

Liron has no previous knowledge of running a religious cult, ashram or any such thing but he is still so certain and confident about making this upcoming religion of his such a success. I have even read 70% of the holy texts of the upcoming Satchitrich religion and it all sounded very OSHO to me. He has added a couple of things from his side which weren’t even existent in OSHO’s times but that is very usual and ordinary knowledge with which I don’t believe that Liron would be able to be-fool or as he calls it ‘bring peace to the world’.

Anyways, I can’t bore myself and you more with talks about Liron anymore, I am heading to my favorite Hua Hin and I have already booked my Hua Hin Taxi, I will be there on 10th of this month and I can’t wait to meet my Facebook female friend there.

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Greatest Canadian fan of Toyota is all for Protestantism and getting your home renovated frequently

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Ryan Curran (name changed) is one of the greatest Canadian fans of the Japanese car manufacturer – Toyota. Ryan owns a Toyota Celica, a Supra, a 2007 and a 2017 Camry, a Land Cruiser, a Land Cruiser Prado, a Fortuner and last but not the least – 3 Prius cars. Ryan owns nothing but Toyotas and he has a huge garage in his mansion on Lydia Street, Newmarket, Ontario which is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket.

Ryan’s great-great grandfather was fighting the French suppression in Canada and finally he was assassinated. They still have a statue of Ryan’s great-great grandfather at a park in Espanola, Sudbury.

Ryan is a very outspoken public speaker, Youtuber and author. In one of her speeches Ryan mentioned that the Rothschild family had a very minor role in the expansion of the British rule and their role is generally exaggerated by the conspiracy theorists across the world.

If you have to believe Ryan, the Protestantism has been behind the success of Europe and in particular – the Great Britain since the end of the medieval era. Ryan says that the only reason why United States of America is so far ahead in terms of technology and entrepreneurship is because their majority population is protestants.

Ryan recently enjoyed a trip to India and she claims that they arrested the popular Godman – Asaram Bapu who rubbed shoulders with several top politicians including the late Prime Minister of India – Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi and others just because in one of his speeches he told the story of Gog and Magog which is unknown by 99.9% of the Indians. Ryan says that the Hindus believe the avatar of Vishnu – Kalki will come to the earth and kill each and every human being instead of anything war between Gog and Magog aka Yajuj and Majuj.

Ryan says that after that public speech of Asaram Bapu, the search for Gog and Magog in India increased by 10000% which ultimately lead to the searches of the conspiracy theories and they decided to arrest Asaram Bapu.

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Conspiracy theorist and conspiracy theory buster enjoys children’s movies with her grandchildren more than they do

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Alice Aleksander (name changed) is a conspiracy theorist and a conspiracy theories buster – both at once. Alice claims that the infamous Muslim conspiracy theorist – Sheikh Imran Hosein is a Jew. He lies about being born in Karachi, Pakistan and he also lies about being a principal of an Islamic college in Trinidad and Tobago and then in America. Alice says that Sheikh Imran Hosein has nothing to back his claims up and the claim that he worked in diplomacy services is also a lie. Alice says that he is a Jew from the city of Haifa and she can showcase all her documents publicly if she doesn’t get murdered before that.

Alice says that it is normally perceived that the promotion of pornography and other lewd materials is a Jewish conspiracy is also a myth and a propaganda to make the Jews scapegoats of the wrath of the smart few. Alice says that the white elite rules the world, not the Jews. Alice is a Jew herself and she hates antisemitism. Alice claims that the promotion of the lewd material and pornography is being done by the ruling elite of the world and not the Jews. Alice says that it is a government tactic to employ as many Jews as possible to act in the porn movies to make it look like that the Jews are behind it all. Alice says that the directors and producers of the porn movies are paid 25000 USD in their Swiss and Panama accounts to employ each Jewish pornographic actor in their movie.

When Alice is not busting the conspiracies or finding one, she is busy watching children’s movies (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) with her grandchildren at her beautiful villa in the coastal Alexandroupoli.

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UAE is one of the most popular shopping destinations and it is the best when it comes to buy some exotic emeralds

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Louise Kislev (name changed) is an Israeli Jew whose parents immigrated to Israel from France after facing tons of hostility and hatred from the catholic French people. Louise has a personality so rare that you may call her one in a million or even one in ten million. Louise is a great admirer of several Sahabas of the Islam, the foremost of them being Khalid Ibn al-Walid. Louise is an amateur historian who claims that Khalid Ibn al-Walid died during a battle and it is a lie that he died a natural death caused by a sudden disease. Louise says that Khalid Ibn al-Walid was so curious to die in the battlefield that there was no power in the world that could stop him from entering into the enemy territory and battle all alone even when no battle was going on if he was aware that he was about to die very soon. Louise claims that Khalid Ibn al-Walid wasn’t weak enough to be stopped by a petty illness.

Louise agrees with the aspect of the real Islam that doesn’t believe in any sort of black, brown or white magic. True Islam says that no magic is possible and the ones who fall for the magic are super-materialistic people with no spiritual values and they will burn in hell if they don’t repent to Allah before their death.

Louise also read in some book written by a Sunni Muslim that the Allah forgives pre-pubertal kids for whatever they do as they are not aware of what they are doing. To learn more about Islam, Arab people and Arabian peninsula’s history, Louise is currently in Dubai where she is shopping and learning like a maniac. Her most recent tweet reads “Just bought the most stunning emerald that I have ever seen in reality from Panjshir Emerald, Deira, Dubai”.

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Daughter of an ex-CIA agent is busy creating android apps and writing books

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Lina Sousa’s mother is a retired CIA agent who served in the republic of Kosovo for 6 years and in Pakistan for 7 years. Before Mrs Sousa served in Kosovo and Pakistan, she served for 23 years in the USA.

Lina Sousa recently wrote a book which is more like a compilation of tales told to her by her beloved mother. In her book, Lina has written that the infamous Pakistani minister who is also a world record holder of being 9 times minister – Sheikh Rasheed is an American agent. Currently, Sheikh Rasheed is the Minister of Pakistani Railways and Lina has called Sheikh Rasheed’s political party – “American Muslim League” instead of the Awami Muslim League in her book.

Lina also has written in her book that the current Pakistani Prime Minister – Imran Khan aka IK aka Kaptaan is an illuminati agent. Lina has written about how Imran Khan’s bidding of the previous Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s cars was a tactic to showcase Pakistan as the poorest country on the face of the earth.

Lina has also written about a Pakistani Federal Minister who got killed in the late 1990s on the day he felt severely sick. Lina says that they were already planning to kill him and looking for the perfect time for the same which they finally found.

Lina has also written a lot about the Eurasian countries and the countries that fall under the Eurasian steppe. Lina has claimed that all the Eurasian ministers are stooges and spies for the Judeo-Protestant alliance also known as the Europe and US alliance.

Lina is also working on getting a book related android app done after the success of her global chatroom android application which she got created by the same Indonesian android app application creation services (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android).

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